Welcome to your AHA moment!

Hey! I'm Hadj

I am an illustrator and designer, born and raised in New York City. I love New York! This city, without a doubt, inspired me to become an artist.  The illustrations on a local bodega's coffee cups, the countless vendors on the streets of the Lower East Side selling handmade art or clothes, the graffiti that's scattered throughout the walls of apartment buildings and public parks. Like a sponge, I absorbed it all. I was reminded less about my insecurities or worries, and more about the beauty of self-expression and the wonder of an untethered imagination. Growing up, it is this experience of art around me that changed my entire outlook on life. This lead to a realization that I should focus my life on self-expression, art, and all things creative. This was my AHA moment. 

Later in life, I had another realization. This city bleeds creativity, but so many of the creatives don't have an effective outlet to showcase their work. That's why I started All Hail Art. All Hail Art (AHA) is a multi-platformed creative brand and network that sells streetwear-esque apparel, household items, and accessories made by independent artists as well as producing videos and events to bolster the artists awareness. It is an outlet for creatives to get more eyes on their work and give them another stream of revenue. I and a small team of designers work with each artist to produce unique merchandise that can rival any graphic streetwear brand. We give them 50% of the net profits of every sale, and marketing tips to help them strengthen their brand. We want the creatives to keep creating so people can keep on getting inspired and the world can have a bit more love, creativity, and self-expression in it.

Our goal is to create a global network that employs independent artists of all fields and produces quality content and clothes to consumers worldwide. Creating jobs and building awareness for independent artists while inspiring the masses to unleash their inner artist.  Enough about us, enjoy the site! Stay weird, and hail the art! 


P.S  Wanna Reach out? Please do! Our email is allhailcommunity@gmail.com. Love to chat!