Community Vids

Introducing Community Videos, a new video series which focuses on the people that have orders to stay at home, which is most of the country right now. This page will be divided into three sections.

1. Do-It-Yourself Videos teaching how to do a certain skill, whether it be candle making, stenciling, or painting, whatever creative thing you can think of that you think other people would benefit from knowing, send it to us via our contact form below or to!

2. Did-it-myself videos: Like an activity? Film yourself doing it or your own spin on thangs! We'll put them all on our youtube page, and a select few on our site!

3. Every week, we will have a hour-live stream with an new Artist. This hour long live stream will consist of a 15-minute Q&A followed by a 30-minutes live DIY. The scheduling will be posted on our social media in the coming weeks!

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